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Bodie's 12 Gauge Magnum "Gage"
10/23/2010 AKC: Master Hunter
NAHRA: Working Retriever
HRC: Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH), 3 Upland passes

Gage is the fifth generation in direct line since 1974 that we have bred and trained for hunting. He is the first of his line to be a Hunt Test dog.
Arnie Wachman
Rose at one year
Code 3's Wild Desert Rose "Rose"

AKC Junior Title, two NAHRA Hunter passes and a HRC Started pass. Working on Senior.

Rose is the future mate to Gage once she earns her Master title. She is the daughter of Marylou's Dash.

Arnie Wachman

MHR Code 3's Rescue Me I'm The One
MHR Code 3's Rescue Me I'm The One "Dash"
4/24/2011 Before the age of two:
Nahra Master Hunter
One AKC Master pass
One HRC Finished pass
Marylou Cox

MHR-I Code 3's 12 Gauge Baggin' The Limit
MHR-I Code 3's 12 Gauge Baggin' The Limit
NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever
Working on his AKC and HRC titles
Marylou Cox

Mordha's Electric Blue
Mordha's Electric Blue "Zap"
12/3/2006 AKC: Master Hunter
GRCA: Working Certificate Excellent & Working Certificate
HRC: 1 Finished Pass
UKC: Show Champion

Zap was bred, owned, trained and handled by us. We started training her for field work at 2 years old and despite her late start, went 5 out of 7 for her MH title and passed her WC and WCX on her first attempt.
Danielle Morey

Mordha's Ironwood Intrepid
Mordha's Ironwood Intrepid "Woody"
12/4/2011 AKC: Derby WIN, JH
HRC: 2 SHR passes
Danielle Morey

GMHR Misty Mountain Merry Mischief MH
GMHR Misty Mountain Merry Mischief MH "Misty"
10/04/2006 AKC: Master Hunter,
2014 Master National Qualified
HRC Finished titled
Biff Ellington

Misty Mountain Raven Haired Arwen
" Raven "

AKC SH, HRC Started
Working on NAHRA MHR and HRC Finished

Biff Ellington

Magicgold's Wind in the Willows
Magicgold's Wind in the Willows "Windy"
3/16/08 AKC: Senior Hunter
Companion Dog Excellent
Tracking Dog Excellent
Rally Novice

GRCA: Working Certificate Excellent
Versatility Excellent Certificate
Conformation Assessment Certificate

Windy is a truly versatile working type Golden Retriever, excelling in many venues. She was bred for the field and loves Field Work.
Catherine Colley

Essence of April Showers
Essence of April Showers "April"
04/03/04 AKC: Versatile Companion Dog 1
Companion Dog
Tracking Dog
Rally Excellent
Agility Excellent Preferred
Open Jumpers Preferred

PCA: Working Certificate
Versatility Excellent Certificate

NAFA: Flyball Dog Excellent Top Flight Executive

NADAC: Open Agility Certificate
Novice Jumpers Certificate

April is a versatile, high drive Poodle. She came to the Field later in life, and is enjoying retrieving birds and swimming!
Catherine Colley

Magicgold’s Red Sky at Morning “Hazy”
03/18/14 AKC: JH Junior Hunter
RN Rally Novice
CGC Canine Good Citizen

Hazy is a half sister to my other Golden, “Windy.” Hazy is a hard driving, water loving girl. She has grown up in the Field. Hazy is a pleasure to work with and train, and I am looking forward to a great future with her!  
Catherine Colley

Goodtime’s Spring-Rain  -  “Storm”
Goodtime’s Spring-Rain - “Storm”
04/01/2006 AKC: Junior Hunter
Tracking Dog Excellent
Companion Dog
Rally Novice

GRCA: Working Certificate
Versatility Certificate
Certificate of Conformation Assessment

Angela Pryor

Richardson's Ellie of Newport "Ellie"
05/23/13   Janell Richardson

Jak's Lady Kate of Cuyama "Kate"
10/23/2010 AKC: Junior Hunter John Warren

12/14/2014 Water dog lover in training Carl Spangenberg

Chippewa Tiger Lilly QAA "Lilly"
10/08/2006 Lilly is a QAA Amatuer trained field trial dog, She is older but still loves to do the retrieving games. We are working on her Master Hunter Title. She is a very sweet mild mannered dog but has a lot of drive for her age. John Fish

Wister’s Raving Loon a Tic "Raven"
8/04/2013 AKC Junior Hunter Scot Huffman